A night filled with Cuffs & Buttons on ice

And cherries

More cherries for his delight

There was malt and the yeast

A brewer’s first find

Muddling the fruit

Muddling the mind

Hands moving freely



Fulfilling a need

Fermented mandarins and clingstone red beauties

Tart cranberries

A soft kiss melted reason


Waking Concupiscence

With hot liquid flame

The rasp of whiskers on flesh

Skin seeking skin

Building fire burning within

Kisses north, kisses south

Desire being driven solely by mouth

Quivering thighs

soft moans and sighs

Fingers drawing rhumb lines

From apex to breast

Steering straight

In a spiral

Trough a beautiful storm

Left breathless and legless

Resting on his safe shores…

Everything changes

All falls apart

Another soft kiss

Left languid and happy not realizing

He’s taken my heart


Key Lime Pie or the type of man I’m looking for…

There is something decidedly perfect about the balanced flavors of a good key lime pie from the zesty zingy bite of the filling, the crunch of the crust and the sweet delight of the whipped cream topping. It makes my heart sing. It is exotic, refreshing and satisfying like no other type of pie. Temptation has no stronger pull and finishes off so completely that there’s never a question of my satisfaction.

I have standards, and a list of ideals and wants but as my teeth sink into bite after bite of this magnificent dessert I realize I am looking for a man who embodies the experience of Key Lime Pie. He should be a bit crusty on the outside, just enough grumble and grouch but once you get through the sweet, tart full bodied explosion of life comes through and is accentuated by just enough soft fluffy bliss that any and everything else pales in comparison to such a finely crafted soul.

Now… to find him.

Self Confidence

My whole life I have been beaten to the ground both figuratively and literally and each time I rise, sometimes a little slower than others but I rise. The only thing left inside is the rebellious Fuck You to those who think they’ve bested me.

Fuck you to the teachers and professors who passed judgement. Fuck you to those whose jealousies prevented me from soaring to those friends who’d rather tie my laces together and laugh as I stumble and fall. Fuck you to those who wanted to see me hated. Fuck you and fuck you again to the people who threw me under bus after bus with knives sticking out of my back.

Anger keeps me rolling forward. I’m too tired without that fuel.


Fingerprints on lenses soften harsh red lines that mix with strands of hair whose wisps curl in front of tired eyes.

The glare of light on white paper, blinds

Building points of pain behind the nerves, in the depths of my brain.

In those moments I close my eyes

The pain recedes

Clarity of escape forms in snippets of fantasy so often viewed it’s edges are tatty from wear.

A soft echo of music, the fragrance of flowers in the air, a sonorous voice pontificating as I lean back enveloped by Miss Doolittle’s enormous chair.

I’ve never stayed so long as to see the face of the man who’ll take good care of me, but I suppose somethings aren’t quite meant to be.

The Usual Wait

They are talking quietly downstairs, the words I cannot hear.

The wind moves in winding fashion through the naked boughs of my myrtle trees.

Geese moving across the sky in this darkness make an odd and muted cry.

The waitress next door sits in her car, the engine idling in laborious fashion, she will go in after awhile.

My mind is busy thinking of things that will never happen while I wait for sleep’s arrival.

Frosty Kiss Goodnight

So frozen is this northern Clime

Night’s ceiling dark and endlessly high

Stars with their pale pale light

Shine infinitely while we’re spinning

The warmth of my breath as it whispers

A prayer hangs brittle in the frost

The crystals form beautiful, serene

Whisked away by a Mistral to Persephone

By chance or design she takes pity on my plea

And I know my heart is not lost.