Car Windows

Looking forward, looking back there is stability in the picture.
A glance to the side reveals a blur of color depending on the scene.
I like the windows down.
Glass free.
Escape is easier.
Windows up distorts, the picture, the color,
Glass traps
The smear of cold wet noses, small finger prints obscure
Distracting, detracting unfocused and impure
Dirty windows dirty dirty dirt
In summer the harsh sunset clouds through the grime
In winter crystalline webs outline the smears
Autumn and Spring rain create mottled fog on the panes.
Sometimes industry, a spritz of ammonia and a flick of a rag
Offer clear vantage, but like all free things it never lasts.
But windows down, windows down
On fine days
In May or perhaps November
Lends clarity to disparity  lifting eyes skyward.


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