Lost, but not really

Float like a bubble

Along an endless sea

In fishing lure fashion

Shiny red plastic

Sealed with cheap factory glue

Glue made from boiled hooves

Of  animals long dead

Animals in two’s

Paired like socks

Knotted together

Stuffed in a drawer

Resting still as dead soldiers

Sent in boxes home from war

Boxes are shells

Shells from ammunition

Shells from the sea

Roar and deafen

As sound in waves

Crashes round

Spilling over

Swirling round

Pulling backward

Drowning in undertow

As rushing water

struggles forward

Tide touches under toe

A shriek and a giggle

Feet sink in sand

As water hands grab

At ankles splashing calves

Sun beats on shoulder

A ruby tattoo

White flashes

Diamonds on water

Blind even the hand shaded eyes

Blind eyes searching the



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