Fickle man

Mustard please, no ketchup

trim the crusts

hand wash only

close the door

speak in soft voices

trim the meat from the bone

mind your pronunciation

do not interrupt

wash your hands, scrub your nails

refrain from shouting across the house

no laughing

no jokes

keep quiet the television is more important

all surfaces clear

vacuum twice daily

go outside

no running inside

go away

can’t you see I am doing something


Now he calls three times a day he misses these things he’s sorry he says.


2 responses

    • It is not so much perfection. They were not rules set forward in writing. These were just small irritants in a relationship that should not have been. To deny another person laughter and comfort and peace within their living space is a great unkindness. To do so to your own children is a crime. Children should be allowed to laugh and be happy.

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