Handle with Care

Thoughts like shards of broken plates jumble in my head

Mess and confusion abound

I am searching for brown paper bags and packing tape

The dust pan and broom sit idle as I search

I cannot mend these broken thoughts with glue



The best idea is the hardest and that is to clean

Clean up the mess and throw it away

But every now and then in this heap I see

Images and words , a baby’s first or a loosely scrawled I love you

And I turn the bits over seeking a salvageable treasure

Avoiding the dustpan and broom

These are my fragments I am not trash and yet these bits

These bits are useless and full of pain jagged edges

Cutting memories

It is why I am looking for brown bags

Sturdy brown papers to safely hold the shattered pieces and broken bits

The tape to wind about the bag so slivers do not poke through

So, should anyone be kind enough to offer help

They are protected from the worst


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