Buried Treasure

Everyday I wake up my first thought is of you.

You came  into my life like high tide rushing in pulled me out into deep waters where I am still learning how to swim.

There is not a part of me that you have not touched you surround me with pleasure you drown me in pain.

You changed me with your charming ways your strange love and desires.  You built me up you tore me down and still for you, I’d walk through fire.

This love you say it cannot be and so I let you go and you come back to me.

How can I move forward how can I forget how can I erase your name, your voice your face when I close my eyes and all I see is you?

But floating here in the warmth of your embrace I am not lost I am at peace.

I shall wait for whatever the fates decide will be if that is being swept away or being blessed with your eternal company.

This love will always be for you, for me.


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