you made me smile with your casual tone and those lazy looks and for that I’d kiss you, but you are an ocean away tilting at windmills greater than ghosts in the machine of life

there is a sharp pinch in my bosom and the well of tears in my eyes so deep as to drown in losing my vision and my hearing to the din of pain wringing its sorrow from my heart as the hands of a washer woman wrings dirt from a work stained shirt

this ephemeral wondering of learning a lesson or living my karma spars in my head for hours on end and there is no comfort found in the roundhouse kick to the right temporal lobe

I swim in seas of dreams where blue light sparkles off the cavern walls of an aquatic secret garden where the hollow echo is an enchantment and losing is winning in a place where the world ceases to exist and doubts wash away in the magic of this mystical ocean womb

you cannot stay within a lullaby the world will force your mind awake and all your false comforts will be torn away leaving you naked and stumbling longing for the distant dream of soft arms pulling you close in to kiss those lips with the lazy smile


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