The Long Kiss, Goodnight

There is no kiss sweeter than that of my pillow to cheek

no embrace kinder than that of my blanket as it wraps me within its warm embrace

no love more supportive than the mattress holding me gently while I sleep


Rock Bottom

The passing of time and day and place happen without notice

Incessant chatter from my left hemisphere is a poor librarian in this pit

Sorting through rules learned and rules memorized more fall into memory, bound to be repeated

All the syllables of recorded time and still I cannot connect A to B so that I see

This repetition  of the elementary puts me in tights and harlequin costume I fear

Stillness happens when eyes close

Sometimes I run into the right lobe and I am free until tendrils of order and definition drag me back

My eyes open to all I cannot escape and refuse to embrace

Another sheet of paper another set of plans

Jacobs ladder, DNA, a toppled beer can or a thimble full of wishes cannot defy the gravity which pins me to the floor

Cirque d’amour

A small monkey in a red vest and fez

I pin my hopes to cumulus nimbus just to watch them float away

The conversations I hold with the all powerful invisible

One sided words transmuted and abluted

No pain as I trip and drop the fragile beating  valentine

No tears fall as images flicker across silver screen

The catch of breath and the burn of my eyes are the only reminders

The monkey in the vest shrieks and smiles its animal smile


The cost of to and fro in dollars make no sense

two hours

One hundred and six miles

twenty one years

Ten more to go

words heavy as rocks strong as swinging fists

Glass empty wine bottles a pipe with res

dogs crying at the door

Silent working cogs in the clock of life

broken and dashed like junk mail in the bin

Fifty three miles to pressed sheets and a soft pillow to catch tears

twelve dollars is not worth the ride some days