Happy Mother’s Day

Mother is an ideal.  Not all women are mothers.  Not all mothers are women.

The ideal of mother is that of the care giver who selflessly nutures and supports we fragile creatures as we travel our path through this life.  Gifts from mothers are a kiss on the brow, a hand offering a gentle caress, the stern face and rebuke when we do wrong, the silence and tears as we grow and make mistakes. This person, this …mother… she is inside us all.  The memories, hopes, expectations, comforts and fears that build the picture of mother are universal.  Succor and comfort coupled with indomitable will and strength are the very fiber of mother.

We are all blessed with knowing someone who is a mother: be it the woman who brought you into this world, a friend, a wife, a sister, an aunt, or kind hearted stranger.  There are even those few men: fathers, uncles, brothers who find themselves floundering in what many consider a woman’s role because the woman who was supposed to hold the title of mother is no longer there, by choice or fate.  These men attempt to fill a void so crucial to the psyche that they too deserve kudos.  You each know who the mothers are in your life, take time to honor them for there is no harder job on earth with no exact manual and there is no support staff or vacation for those who truly are mothers.


Happy Mother’s Day


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