100 Years ~ written 26th November 1994

In an age when fiber optics transfer light through water

A wedding occurs between Southern son and North Eastern daughter

He is Tzarevitch, Prince to the King

She is a Duchess up and coming

The union of continents is secured through telephone lines and light

One hundred years lay dormant tradition until the time was right

With crown, sword and orb the two-headed phoenix rises triumphant

From ashes of a firing squad, a  bird blessed by the Hierophant

Amo, the perch on which this joining rests

Declares the dawn of a millennium of bests

Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel laud praises to heaven’s ceiling

While cherubs dance and whirl and spin, their glorious laughter pealing

The dove joined fire in a covenant which arc’d the world’s wide surface

To unite two brilliant souls to the wires of infinity’s greater purpose.


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