Falling Asleep in Biology

I have spent hours with Socrates in the lab

We have examined everything from onion skin to the eye of a cow

Still we ponder over each object brought to us

How it helps to explain our life: technical terms only need apply

Socrates has confided that he always thought Aristotle a bit pompous

Discussion of the spirit is something for Diatoma and the mystics

He shakes his head and says he’s no witch, I laugh

The door flies open and in trudges Jung, arms heavy with research

There are dreams and connections which any good Freudian shuns

Among his collective consciousness and synchronistic files, are myths

Lore which develop and expand the boundaries of scientific theory

Why Einstein and he never had tea is beyond me and Socrates

Socrates and Jung fight a lot, but such similar people often do

They have common ground, on which they walk, oh, they love their knowledge

Somewhere in this fight is the white noise of cells walls, cell memory

And the assertion from the Professor that death is not part of Life

I think Socrates might have words with him later.


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