It’s All Sixes and Sevens

Hours separate two

An ocean flows between

Astralplanes of space and time

Asphodels grow thick

On Carpets of Spring soft grass

Telephone wires wrapped in glass

Mute and cut voices drawn together

Paper travels cheaper than bodies

Every point of an ounce costs

The value of a word jumps like

Closing cost on gold at the end

Commodities traded, stamped, and sealed

Air mail, surface, fragile, this side up!

My emotions are handled by the disgruntled

Blue polyester wearing  employees of government

What do they know of metaphysics and higher planes?

Union is completed when on foreign turf

After having trod, trod for generations

Chalk white, slightly wrinkled, canceled

Envelope frees the body of soul

Like Jerhico the walls of time crumble

Throat torn, heart ripped out

The pulse of my words

Beats in the reader’s mind

Making the dissolution of reality

Reaffirming the chaos of one.


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