I Wish

Candles in flame on significant days hold promises untold

That with the moment of exhale through parted lips

A kiss of air transmutes the power of flame

Within that breath are the unspoken desires of the corporeal body

The yearnings of the invisible soul

That flame turned puff of smoke wafts in spirals upwards

The aroma slightly sulfur perhaps perfumed by oils distilled in ancient manner

This pleases Clothos, Lachesis and Atropos as they spin, weave, and cut

This please others too as Krishna’s blue cheeks take on a purple  hue

Kundun is aware as Jesus is too and Odin with scowl, he is happy too.

If the wisher is wise the smoke is meant for just one

The power of one is greater than three

One wish for One

Who helps the most, who needs the job, who carries the trust, who gets things done

Every night at midnight I blow out the flame the swoosh is a whisper, my wish is your name.



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