There are things I would like in life. I genuinely want someone with whom I can grow old. This man should posses the qualities which compliment mine. The hardest thing about this desire I have is trusting that there is a Mr. RightforMe out there looking for me and that we will find each other.

I am not looking for perfection. I am aware that people have flaws.


Pigeon Holeing

When you place a judgement on  someone you or define them by rigorous criteria you limit who that person can be within your life.  Why would anyone do this?


After an intimate conversation in which someone has endeavored to truly get to know you is it wrong to feel bereft of their company when they do not seek you out again?  Is it wrong to assume they cared in the first place?


Assumptions are troublesome things.  The woe they cause in the form of self-doubt is as destructive as any instrument of  doom.  Life would be so much easier if only people spoke plainly and left you no room to wonder at their intent.