The things you wish you had said…



I got into an disagreement with a friend by telling him I did not appreciate being called a whore.  He used the term in jest, but for reasons of my own I find this unacceptable.  Rather than tell him publicly I provided him a private rebuke.

A simply sorry would have sufficed.

I was presented with a dossier on why he is allowed to do and say as he pleases.

I could have walked away.  I chose to respond.

I am now being given the silent treatment so I can cool down.

He expressed to me that he is in touch with his feminine side and he is not so callous as to speak to any woman the way I suggested.  And yet, he did so to me.

I should have responded with a biting comment.  Oh, you you got in touch with your feminine side, well, I am glad you found your inner bitch.

Perhaps I should have suggested he find his inner emotionally sensitive side.


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