Snap Out of It!!

Love never hurts.  Love is all that is good.  Love is a gentle emotion that soothes, comforts and heals.  Love brings out the best in us as people.  Things that hurt are rejection, misunderstanding, being punched in the face…  a “broken” heart derived from miscommunication and personal expectations is not a failure of Love it is a part of a growing process.   A person either learns how to Love through introspection and examination of self and the responses one makes or they are doomed to a foolish and repetitive pattern of self flagellation wrongly identified and attributed to the wrong emotion.  As some clever person wrote all those years ago, expectation is the root of all heartache.  If you are carrying sadness about expecting the first rush of flirtation to fix you perhaps you need to unpack your own baggage and look at each item you carry with you and realize how these experiences, memories or emotions impact all that you do and how you perceive others.


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